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Shutt Velo Test Team

Welcome to the 2021 Shutt Velo Test Team

What is it?

The Shutt Velo Test Team is a nationwide, no-hassle cycling club. And it's FREE to join!

Are you looking to join a cycling club, but don’t want the hassle of joining a ‘traditional’ local club? Do you need to be a part of a club for racing purposes? Do you just want to be a part of club but don’t want to pay an annual fee?

Then consider joining the Shutt Velo Test Team!

The Shutt Velo Test Team (SVTT) is open to anyone in the UK who wants to join as a first-claim or second-claim member. We are fully affiliated with British Cycling and Central Time Trials (CTT) so you can enter races under the SVTT name with no issues. Annual entry costs nothing and can be done via the British Cycling system. If you are already a British Cycling member, simply go to our club page and click on the red banner that says "I AM A MEMBER OF THIS CLUB" and you'll be added:

If you're not a British Cycling member - please just email us directly at - and tell us you'd like to join the SVTT. We'll do the rest!

SVTT isn’t a club in the traditional sense: no club runs, meetings or politics to deal with. Just the freedom to join and ride as you do now! Over time, we’d love to see it develop into regional groups that can meet up and ride together though. 

Why join?

As a member of the SVTT, you’ll receive exclusive discount offers on Shutt Velo clothing and invitations to sales not open to the general public. Additionally, you’ll be enrolled in the Shutt Velo Affinity Program – a series of exclusive discounts from our partner brands – like Ridley bikes, Salice sunglasses, Selle SMP Saddles, Limar Helmets, and a huge host of others. We have a variety of discount partners already on board, and the list is set to grow over the coming year.



We've done some pre-launch kit that is already for sale (based on the design shown above), but we'll finalise the full 'club kit' design shortly and you'll be able to order all the kit you want for riding and racing at a massively discounted price as well. You can use the kit for everyday riding, and it’ll be registered with British Cycling and CTT for racing as well. If you’re already a member of another club - you can still join SVTT as a ‘second claim’ member and enjoy all the benefits and offers. There’s no obligation to do anything else!

How do I join?

Joining is simple: head over to our page on the British Cycling website and enter your details! You can be a 'first claim' or 'second claim' member - so if you are already part of another club, you can still join up with us as a 'second claim' member and get full access to all the benefits.

Click Here to Join the Shutt Velo Test Team on British Cycling

If you're NOT a British Cycling member - please just email us directly at - and tell us you'd like to join the SVTT. We'll do the rest!